How a parent can create staff or admin account

In some cases, a parent may need admin access inside a group in 360Player. Because parent and staff/admin accounts are built very differently, in this case you'll need to rejoin the group as a staff member and have both your parent and staff profiles connected to the group.

Here are the steps to connecting as a staff/admin from a parent account:

  1. Login usin your credentials.

  2. Navigate to the Team picker, and click on Join a new group or club.

  3. Choose Joining as myself and press Continue.

  4. Enter the group code of the group or club you want to join. You will get the group code from a team- or club administrator. Verify that the correct group is presented and press Continue.

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  6. Select your role and press continue.

  7. Your request is now pending and can be handled by a club- or team administrator

  8. Once you are in the group as a staff member, an existing admin can grant admin access by visiting the team page, pressing the three dots next to your name, and checking the admin box.
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