How to import matches from SvFF

360Player has a feature that enables you to import matches for the current season. All you need to do is to find the link to your team on, and follow these steps.

  • Make sure that the country for your team and organization is set to Sweden

  • Navigate to the team you wish to import to, and click on settings and then Imports (SvFF)

  • Click "Connect to SvFF"

  • In, search for your club's name

  • Click on the club to see a list of all the teams in the club

  • Find your specific team and select it from the list

  • Copy the URL when on the team page. It should have this format:

  • Paste the link into 360Player, and confirm that it is the correct team that you have found

  • After you have clicked "Confirm" your matches will start to import.

  • Please allow a few minutes for the import to complete and you see all activities in your calendar.

    Congratulations - your matches will now appear in your calendar.

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