Connect a player to a second parent

This article describes how to connect a player to a second parent. The process assumes that you have previously created an parent account that is connected with a player account.

For more info on how to create this please visit the corresponding guide.

  1. Login to 360Player using your credentials. In this guide we will act as Jack who is the parent of John and who wants to connect a second parent.

  2. From this view, click on My children. On mobile, the button is called Add or manage my children and is found under the Team/Player Picker in the upper left hand corner.

  3. From here click the three dots on the right side of the player you wish a second parent connect to.

  4. From the popup menu - choose Connect a parent to Playername.

  5. Add the email address of the second parent. Please ensure that the email is input correctly.

    From this window you also have the option of Generating an invite link.

  6. Hit Send Invite and your invitation is on its way to the second parent.

  7. From the My Children tab, you now have options to handle requests.

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