Can't connect to a child account

If you have encountered an error when creating your account and/or connecting to a child that says

"The account you wanted to connect to is already a parent, connect to your child instead to continue. Read a full guide here."

you have accidentally tried to connect to the parent of a child account - instead of the child.

To resolve the issue - please have an existing parent to the child invite you to connect to the child instead. Here is how to do it:

Step 1 - Have the already connected parent login to their account.

Step 2 - The connected parent navigates to Account settings

Step 3 - Go to the My children - tab

Step 4 - Click on the three dots on the child that you want to invite a parent to

Step 5 - Click "Connect a parent"

Step 6 - Enter the email address to the parent that should connect

If the other parent already has a 360Player account, make sure to use that email address.

Now an email will be sent with a link to properly create a parent account and connect to the child!

If you have any questions - contact

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