View season statistics

Once you've input some match statistics and data into the 360Player system, it's easy to view and get insights into your team. Here's how to see an overview of how your season is going.

From the dashboard, navigate to the Statistics tab.

Here you can view your match history. Matches highlighted in green were won by your team, red matches were lost, and yellow matches were draws. For more information on a specific match you can click on it and go into the match summary. 

Notice in the top right hand corner you can filter for different types of competitions or see only home or away matches.

Below the match history you can see your team's scoring and assist leaders. Clicking on a player takes you straight to their profile.
With the Goal timeline you can see aggregated data on when during matches your team scores and concedes goals. Your team's goals are shown in green, the opponents in red.
Lastly, if you track substitutions you can see how many minutes each player has played over the course of the season. 

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