How to get started as a coach/admin

Before you can take advantage of all the great features in 360Player, you'll have to get signed up. Here's how to get started using 360Player.

Download the app from the app store, or visit
Press Signup. Then choose how you'd like to sign up. You can use Apple Sign in, Facebook, or your email. 
Enter the sign up information, then press Create my account.
Select your role. If you're a coach or admin press Coach/Staff

If you were given a group code by 360Player or an existing coach or admin, enter the group code here

If you don't have a group code yet, press I don't have a group code and this will help you contact us to create a team for you.

When requesting to join as an admin, you'll need to get approval from 360Player or an existing admin/coach on the team.


You'll then be prompted to  add a profile picture. You can always skip this step for now and add one later if you'd like.

For an existing admin to accept your request, they can go into the team settings, then press accept request.
Congratulations, you're now all ready to go inside of 360Player!

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