How to get started as a parent or guardian

With 360Player it's easy for parents to stay involved with their child's development and activities. Here's our quick sign up guide to get access to the parent version of the app.

If you have already created your account and accidentally joined as the wrong role click here, and we will show you how to connect to your child.

Download the app from the app store, or visit
Press Signup. Then choose how you'd like to sign up. You can use Apple Sign in, Facebook, or your email. 
Enter the sign up information, then press Create my account.
Select your role. If you're a parent or guardian press Parent/Guardian


You'll be prompted to add a profile picture. You can always skip this step for now and add one later if you'd like.

Enter the email your child used to sign up for 360Player with. Then press Send connection request.


Your child will get a notification and as soon as your child accepts the connection, you'll get access to 360Player.


Congratulations, you're now all set to use 360Player!

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