Getting started with your team

If you have recently gotten access to your team in the 360Player platform, and wonder what to do when starting out, then this article is for you!

If you still need to sign up to 360Player, you can follow this guide to get started!

In this article:

Product tour

First things first, it is time to get your bearings navigating all the different parts of the platform. This video will show you the basics of where everything is located within the 360Player app.

Configuring team branding

Ok, so we know where to find most things in the platform. Now it's time to make everything look the way we want! We can do this by navigating to Team settings. There we have control of everything from uploading a team badge, to changing the colors of the entire app. If you need more details, we have an entire article you can read by clicking here.

Inviting teammates

Inviting your teammates to join 360Player is super easy, and can be done in two ways. By Code, or by Email. Navigate to Team settings, and make sure that the setting Allow invites is turned ON. Then you can create your group code and send to people for easy access, or create email invites. You have the full guides on how to invite here (code) and here (email).

Setting up the calendar

The calendar and all it's events is central to the 360Player platform. It's form here that we can plan training sessions, create statistics and analyze video connected to games. By clicking on the Create-button you have quick access to create an event. Why don't you get started by setting up the next practice? A full guide on how to create events can be found here.

Post on the wall

As your teammates are joining inside the platform it is always good to start communicating a welcome message. Create a post by clicking on the Create-button and write a message to the team!

Next steps

Ready to continue exploring the platform? Check out any of the following tutorials: 

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