How to sign up as a player (below GDPR age)

If you/your child is below the GDPR consent age in your country, you need to grant access to your child before accessing the platform. Here is how to do it:

Download the app from the app store, or visit
Press Signup. Then choose how you'd like to sign up. You can use Apple Sign in, Facebook, or your email. 
Enter the sign up information, then press Create my account.

You will now have to enter the email of a parent/legal guardian in order to send a consent request to use 360Player. Once the request has been sent, you will be pending awaiting consent.

In the parent's inbox, an email with the consent request has now arrived, open it, click View consent request and then you can Grant permission from that page. As soon as you have granted permission, the child will get access to the 360Player platform. 

The child can now continue in the app: Select your role. If you're a player press Player

If you were given a group code by your coach or admin, enter the group code here. This helps 360Player find your team so that you can join easily. If you're not sure what your group code is, ask your coach.

You'll then be prompted to add a profile picture. You can always skip this step for now and add one later if you'd like.
Next you'll do a self assessment of your skills to find your optimal position and generate some training tips. Click Let's do the PositionMatch to get started.
Read through the instructions on how to assess yourself and then take the assessment. First you'll select the position you normally play, your dominant foot, then get into your skills. The whole process should take about 5 minutes.
Congratulations, you're done setting up your profile and you're ready to use 360Player! You can look at your test results then click Continue to 360Player!

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