Creating exercises, sessions and sharing methodology

With 360Player you can take your training to a whole new level, easily create, curate and organize practices and sessions in minutes. You can also attach training plans to events inside the 360Player calendar so that other coaches or even players can review the days activities before hand!

In this guide you will learn: 

  1. Discover the training library
  2. How to create exercises 
  3. How to build your training sessions
  4. Curating and sharing methodology

Step 1. Discover the training library

Browse through hundreds of ready made drills and sessions, or create and save your own! With four libraries in one, you can share ideas and collaborate with exactly who you want. We just simplified the way you will organize and manage all your training content.

  • All - Library that allows you access to all content available for you, including 360Player training collection.
  • My - Library that allows you access to all content created by you.
  • Team - Library that allows you access to all content shared with all your Admins and Staff in your group.
  • Club - Library that allows you access to all content shared within the organization structure above and below.

All these libraries will contain many types of exercises and training sessions, all well organized with tags and collections to facilitate the way you use them on your daily basis. You can read more about how to structure you own libraries here.

Step 2. Creating exercises

Get ready to create new drills (how to create a new exercise) and save them in the training library to start curating your own methodology. 

Use our forms to create the perfect exercise, attach any kind of image or use our drawing tool PowerPoint file to get cool designs! With tags and collections you will be able to organize, search and find all your content in seconds anytime from any device. 

Step 3. Build your training session

360Player allows you to create and build your training session in minutes. You can create your own from scratch, or use a pre-built session from 360Player or one of our partners. 

In practice events, you can also add sessions from the training library, that either you, or someone else has created. Admins or Staff can do this, and you can choose whether the session should be visible towards Players and Parents in the team.

Step 4. Curating and sharing methodology

Sharing the right content to the right person has never been easier thanks to the Club, Team and Personal training libraries within 360Player. Once you finish your exercises and sessions, you can create and add them in different collections inside any training library to help you organize your content. This process will make your life so easy when reusing resources and also implementing your training methodology in your team or organization. 

Add exercises and sessions to collections in the Team or Club library to allow other users to have access to your content. By providing them with guidelines and support materials, you align your organization.

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