First steps as a coach or staff

Welcome to the 360Player platform! We are so happy that you and your organization have chosen our software to help you reach your goals. This article will detail the 7 key steps to getting started as a coach or staff member so that we can ensure your experience while using 360Player is as successful as possible. 

If you have recently gotten access to 360Player, and you wonder what to do when starting out, then this article is for you!

In this article:

  1. Sign in for the first time
  2. Complete personal details
  3. Invite players
  4. Communicate with the team
  5. Create events
  6. Upload a video
  7. Discover the training planner

Getting started as a coach or staff member

This video details the seven key steps that are listed in the article below to make sure that the onboarding process for you and your team goes successfully. 

1. Sign in for the first time

As a coach or staff member you will need either a group code or email invite from an administrator in your organization to complete the sign in process. If you don't know your team's group code or haven't received an invite, be sure to obtain this information first. If you received an email invite, follow the link in the email to get started.

To sign in for the first time, navigate to (or download the app on mobile), then you can follow the steps or view this guide for more details on how to sign inTo download the app on mobile check out the links below.

Download for IOS

Download on the Google Play Store

2. Complete your personal details

Once you have created your account, it's time to complete your personal details.  We highly recommend that every user who joins your team or organization completes their personal settings and personal details just after signing up and then keeping them updated over time. 

Quickly access your personal details by clicking on your profile picture in the top right hand corner, then pressing 'settings'. On mobile, press the 'more' button first, then press 'settings'.

This article: Complete your personal details shows you in depth how to edit all of your personal details.

3. Invite players

Inviting your players to join 360Player is super easy with a group code. Only the team administrators have access to the group code as well as other inviting options. If you have received a group code from an administrator you can share it with your team for players to join. 

Here is a full guide on how to invite players with a group code.

4. Communicate with the team

Once your players have been invited, you're ready to jump into some useful features within the platform. 360Player offers multiple great ways to communicate with other users in your organization

Now would be a great time to write a welcome message to the players in your team on the wall since we have just invited them! To create a wall post, press the create button, then press post. For more information on this process, refer to this article for help on creating wall posts

Sending messages is also very useful! Create a chat and send a message to the administrator that invited you into the platform or a player who has joined. To chat, simply press the chat icon, then press 'new chat'. See this article for more help with sending messages.

5. Create events

Creating calendar events is easy in the 360Player platform. The calendar is also connected to other features throughout the platform so that you can connect training sessions, statistics and video to events in the calendar. 

To create your first calendar event click on the Create button, then choose event. From here you can add the type of event and all relevant details. Why don't you try it out by scheduling your first team training or meeting? You can see this article for more help with creating calendar events.

6. Upload a video

Analyzing video is a very fun and useful feature inside of 360Player. To upload your first video, press the create button just like you did to create a calendar event or wall post, then press video. You can then add a link from YouTube, or any other mp4-file. Once your video is inside the platform, see this article on how to analyze video to create clips and tag players.

We also have a detailed article about performance analysis through video and statistics for more details on how these tools can help your team.

7. Discover the training planner

360Player provides a ton of content for planning training sessions in the training library. Here you can also create your own exercises and sessions as well. To access the training library, press the training library tab. Once inside you can browse content by category, search, or create your own exercise by pressing create new. This article can help you create your first sessionThere are a lot of useful things you can do with the training planner tool like add a training session to the calendar, create your own personalized library, and more. To see an overview of everything you can do, see the article creating exercises, sessions, and sharing methodology.

Help center and support

These were just a few quick steps to get you familiar with the key coach and staff features inside the 360Player platform. If you need more help, you can search our database of help articles here at or press the question mark button inside the app in the top right corner on desktop (press the more button on mobile first and then look towards the bottom).

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