How To Use The Calendar (For Parents)

For parents, the calendar is one of the most used features inside 360Player as it helps them keep track of their child's team and club events. In this article we will cover the basics on how to use the 360Player calendar for parents.

In this article:

  1. Access the calendar
  2. View events
  3. Sync your 360Player calendar with another calendar

Access the calendar

To view your team calendar, simply press the Calendar button in the left side menu, or press calendar from the dashboard. On mobile, you can always quickly access the calendar from the dock down below.

View Events

To view an event in the calendar simply click on it.

Once inside an event you can see the time, place, who's going, and more. You can also leave a comment on the event from here as well!

Sync your 360Player calendar with another calendar

If you would like to sync your 360Player calendar events with another calendar you can generate a share link to paste into your existing calendar. To find this link, press the share button from inside the calendar.

Here you can copy and past the code to your other calendar so that you never miss an event!

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