How to configure your club settings

In this article we go through how to set up your organization.

We recommend doing the following from a computer through a web browser.  Please note that you need admin privileges in order to access these settings. Contact a club admin if necessary.

  1. Login to 360Player using your credentials.

  2. Navigate to the top level of your organization and go to Settings.

  3. General

    Invite Settings

    From this view you can toggle the ability to join your club. You also find the group code and the invite link for your organization here. To add an administrator to your club, please navigate to Team.

    Core settings

    From this view you can edit the name of your club, the season start and country.

    Appearance settings

    From this view you can edit the branding and color scheme for your organization. The badge and color you choose here will be inherited by all subgroups created.

    A specific team can change the appearance of their team.

  4. Users

    From this view user management is made possible. Edit privileges and roles, set titles for users and manage accessibility for your club.

    Click the Add user button to invite an existing member of your organization to the top level. Type a name in the input field and the list will filter to that name. Then choose staff or admin as role.

    Click the three dots on the right of a person you wish to edit privileges and status for. From here you can choose to view user information and add the user to another group. You can also change roles for the user and edit their title. If necessary, you can remove or block the user from the top level. This is useful if a person leaves the club.

  5. Competitions

    Create competitions that your club participates in. These are available throughout the club.

    To create your competitions, click the New + button and fill out the information required.

  6. User Fields

    This powerful feature enables you to create custom fields for your organization.

    Click Create new custom field button to start.

    From here choose the type of field to be created that best corresponds with the information you wish to gather. See the drop down for options.

    Give your custom field a title and set visibility settings.

    Finally, choose whether this field is required for users to access 360Player.

    You can always edit a custom field later to best meet your requirements.

    Default Fields

    Click Expand to view and edit the default fields. Choose whether or not default fields are to be required in your organization by clicking the three dots.

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