How to work with playlists

Playlists are a great feature in the 360Player platform. Now you can add clips from all of your videos into one playlist and experience video analysis in an entirely new way.

This article will tell you all you need to know about working with playlists.

In this article:

  1. How to create a playlist
  2. Add clips to a playlist
  3. Editing your playlist

How to create a playlist

Playlists are easy to create, and you can create pretty much as many as you want. Create one for all your team's goals, one for training content, and why not one for all the best dribbles this season?

You can create a playlist from the video library behind the Add content button as seen in the image below:

When creating your playlist, you get a few options, these are connected to the visibility of the playlist:

  • Share with team - if enabled, the playlist will be accessible in the Team library. If not enabled, it will appear in your personal library instead.
    Edit rights on the playlist (When share is enabled)
  • Only me - You are the only one who can add and remove clips.
  • Me and other group admins/staff - your coach colleagues can add and remove clips.
  • Everyone in my team - Everyone, including players, can add and remove clips from the playlist.

Once you click Create, your playlist is created, and you will see an empty playlist in your device. Next step is to add clips.


Add clips to a playlist

Go to a video in your video library, find a clip that you want to add to the playlist, and click the three dots on the clip to open the clips menu. There you can select Add to playlist.

Select the playlist you want to add the clip to, and then click Finish.

You can also create a new playlist from here right away.

If we now go to the playlist in the Video library, we will find the clip there.

Keep adding as many clips as you like to the playlist! You can mix and match from all your videos, and then play them all after each other in the playlist.


Editing your playlist

When you have added multiple clips to the playlist you may want to change the order of them. This is super easy to do! Simply click on the Edit clip order button, then you can rearrange the order of all your clips.

Once you have changed the order to your liking, click Finish to save the set order.

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