How to create animations with the video analytics drawing tool

In this article we will go over the basics of how to create drawings and animations inside the 360Player video analytics tools for desktop and tablet versions of the app.

It is recommended to use a computer or a tablet rather than mobile for best user experience. After a video has been edited with animations they are visible also on mobile.
Minor changes to the animations can then be made on mobile. 
Navigate to the the video you would like to analyze in the video library or click here for how to add a new video.

Once inside a video, press create clips.

Press the record button to create a clip, then again to end the clip. You can add a title and description to your clip if you would like.
Jump to the beginning of the clip or the part of the clip you would like to start you animation, then press the type of asset you would like to add like a spotlight or circle.

Position the asset where you want, press the play button so the video rolls forward a few frames, then re-adjust the position of the asset. Continue this process for the duration you would like the animation to occur.

When you would like the asset to disappear, press the gear icon, then press hide from current time.

You have now created an animation. Jump back to the beginning of the clip and press play to see the animation in action. 
If you would like to delete an asset or adjust colors and sizes, these controls can be found in the animation panel at the bottom right of the screen.

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