How to analyze a video

Using video analytics is a great way to help players and teams see themselves and improve! This quick tutorial shows you all of the basics you need to know to start analyzing.

If the video is already added to 360Player, navigate to the Videos page and select a video to analyze.

If you haven’t added a video yet, you can learn how to do so on the how to add a video article. 

You can analyze a video directly when you upload it as well!

Once you select a video you will enter the video play mode. To start analyzing, press create clips to enter the video analytics module. 

Click the red Record button to start creating a clip. Then stop recording the clip by clicking the Record button again.

You can use the R button on your keyboard to start and stop the recording.

Add details to your clip on the right.

You can edit the title, time of the clip, and a description that the entire team can see. If you set the clip as a highlight, it will show on top of your clips with a star. If you mark it as private, only you can see the clip.

To tag players click on  Tag users. Tag as many users as you want by clicking on them, then click  Apply and then  Save the clip.

As soon as a player is tagged in a clip, it is instantly shared with the player and can be found on their profile.

Add a private comment to a tagged player by clicking the  Blue icon on the bottom left of the clip. Here you can write a private comment to the player, that only that player will see when he/she watches the clip.
You have now created a complete clip! You can see clips created from all teammates in the timeline below the video. Click on a clip to watch it.

Remember that all team members can create clips, even the players!

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