How to create a session

With 360Player you can create your own ready made sessions from exercises in your library so that you can prepare amazing practices quickly and easily. Here's how it's done.


Navigate to the training library. 


Click on the Create new button, then press New session.


Give your session a name, description, and tags to help you find it later.


To add an exercise to your session, click Add exercise. From here you'll have the choice to add an exercise from your library or create a new exercise. To create a new exercise you can check out our 'how to create an exercise' tutorial.

To structure your session you can create multiple blocks. Shown in the image above is the first block consisting of 25 minutes. To create a new block, press the plus below. You can also adjust the time for each block.


When adding an exercise from your library you can easily search for what you want. When you find an exercise that suits you, simply press the plus button in the top right hand corner of the exercise to add it to your session.


Once you've added an exercise you can add another exercise to the same block or create a new block by hitting the plus button below to create a new phase of the training.

You can shift the order of exercises in a block or of the blocks themselves with the up and down arrows to the right. The 'X' button will take the exercise or block away.


When you are done creating your session press Save.


Once your session has been saved you can make changes by pressing the Edit button or you can add it to a collection by pressing the Add to button at the top.


Now you're done creating your session! You can access it from your library or in any collections where you saved it. You can also add it to a training event which will be shown in the 'Add a session to a calendar event' tutorial.

For an in depth training planner tutorial, check out this video:

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