How to create a collection

Collections are a great way to organize your drills and sessions into groups so that they can easily be accessed by you or fellow coaches of your team or club. In this tutorial we will show you how to create collections.


Navigate to the training library. 


Click on the Create new button, then press New collection.

You can also view your collections or create new collections by first pressing the folder button in the top right hand corner.


Give your collection a name and then choose where you would like to store it. ' My library' is accessible only to you, 'Team library' means it is shared between coaches on your team, and 'Club library' shares the collection with all groups under your group in your club's hierarchy. 


When searching through your library you can add content to your collections by pressing the three dots in the right hand corner on the content you like, then pressing Add to collection.


Simply check the collection you would like to add the content to, then press Save

If you haven't yet created a collection that you want to add it to, you can also create a new collection at this step.


After pressing save, you are all done! Your content is now saved in your collection. You can always press the folder in the top right hand corner to view your collections.

Once you've finished you can now find your exercise save in your library or in any other collections you've added it to! For an in depth training planner tutorial, check out this video:
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