First steps as a player

Welcome to the 360Player platform! We are excited that your team have chosen our app to help you and your team reach your goals. This article will detail the 6 key steps to getting started as a player so that we can ensure your experience while using 360Player is as successful as possible. 

If you have recently gotten access to 360Player, and you wonder what to do when starting out, then this article is for you!

In this article:

  1. Sign in for the first time
  2. Complete personal details
  3. Define development objectives
  4. Upload your first video
  5. Communicate with your team
  6. Get your parent connected

Getting started as a player

This video details the 6 key steps that are listed in the article below to make sure that you can start using 360Player successfully. 

1. Sign in for the first time

As a player you will need either a group code or email invite from your coach to complete the sign in process. If you don't know your team's group code or haven't received an invite, be sure to obtain this information first. If you received an email invite, follow the link in the email to get started.

If you are under the GDPR age of consent in your country, you'll need parental consent to join the app. During the sign in process you will enter in your parent's email for them to approve you. This article goes over the GDPR sign up process in more detail.

If you are sharing a single device with your parent, this video explains how a player and their parent can complete the sign in process while sharing a device.

To sign in for the first time, navigate to (or download the app on mobile), then you can follow the steps or view this guide for more details on how to sign in. To download the app on mobile check out the links below. 

Download for IOS

Download on the Google Play Store

2. Complete your personal details

Once you have created your account, it's time to complete your personal details. We highly recommend that every user who joins your team completes their personal settings and personal details just after signing up and then keeping them updated over time. To quickly access your personal details on mobile, press the 'more' button first, then press 'settings'.

3. Define development goals

360Player is a great place to set and track goals and progress as a player! Why don't you take responsibility for your development and set a goal for yourself? Press the Me button to come into your profile, then navigate to the development tab. You can add your first goal by pressing, 'add goal'.

Your coaches are able to see your goals, so let them know you've added a goal if you would like them to take a look! In addition to goal setting, you can also add performance reviews to reflect on how progress towards your goals are going. Here's a full article about how to write a performance review.

4. Upload your first video

Once you're done with goal setting, let's jump over to video. Watching yourself on video is a great to help you develop and improve. To upload a video, press the plus button (create button on desktop), then choose video. From here you can add a link from youtube and start analyzing video and tagging yourself in clips right away! Tag your coach in a clip and ask a question to start a valuable development discussion.

5. Communicate with your team

In 360Player you can easily communicate with your teammates and coaches with chats and wall posts. To start a new chat, press the chat button at the bottom of the screen on mobile. From here, select a teammate or coach and send them a message!

You can also see group communication on the team wall. Create a post of your own by pressing the plus button or comment on someone else's post.

For more help on sending messages in 360Player see how to use chat to send messages.

6. Get your parent connected

In order for your parent to join 360Player, they will need to link their account to yours. Your parent can follow these steps for parents to get signed in. Once your parent has entered your email, you will get a notification and you will have to accept the connection request to confirm they are your parent or guardian. 

Help center and support

These were just a few quick steps to get you familiar with the key player features inside the 360Player platform. If you need more help, you can search our database of help articles here at or press the question mark button inside the app in the top right corner on desktop (press the more button on mobile first and then look towards the bottom).

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