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In most cases, we recommend that parents create their child's 360Player account for them simultaneously during the parent account creation process as this is the easiest way for both the parent and child to get started. With that said, this article will detail how a player can create an account on their own.

If your child does not have a email adress of their own there is a way to create an account without one. Click here for a guide how to do this. 
Download the 360Player app from the App Store - or visit to log in.

Download for IOS

Download on the Google Play Store

Press Create account
Enter the Group code for the team or club you would like to join. If you don't know your group code, contact your team or club administrator so that you can join the correct group.

Tip: If your team isn't using 360Player yet, press I don't have a group code and this will help you contact us to create a team for you.

After you have entered the group code, confirm you are joining the correct group by pressing Continue.
Select the role you are joining as, then press Continue. To join as a player on your own, press I'm a player.

Start creating your account by filling in details including your name and your date of birth. Then press Continue
Note: If you are under the GDPR age of consent, you will need to provide your parent's email so that they can allow you to create your account.

Pro Tip: You can also upload a profile picture by pressing the camera icon if you would like.

Confirm that the information you have provided so far is correct by pressing Yes, continue!

Choose how you would like to sign in to your account.

Pro Tip: You can sign up with an email address and password, or use an existing Apple account to sign up if you would like.

Provide your account details such as your email address and password, then press Create your account.

Congratulations, you have now created your account! Press Take me to my team to enter into 360Player. 

Note: Upon entering 360Player you may be asked to provide additional information for your organization depending on the organization's settings.
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