How parents create player accounts for children

If you already have a 360Player account, you can create new accounts for your children from your own settings. This works even if you are a parent who accidentally signed up for a player account.

  1. Login to your 360Player account.

  2. Navigate to your account settings.

    On Mobile, they are found by pressing Menu in the bottom right corner.

    On Desktop, they are found in the bottom left corner.

  3. Once inside your settings, navigate to the My children tab.

  4. To create a new account for your child, press the Create account button.

  5. Enter the group code. You will receive this code from a coach or club admin.

  6. Provide the required fields and press Continue

  7. Choose whether your child should be able to access their account. If so, please have an unique email adress ready to use as their credential. If not, you as the parent will manage their account.

  8. If you chose to manage the account for your child, you are now a member of the new group.

    If you chose to create an account for your child, please provide login credentials for your child.

  9. You are now a member of your new team. As a parent, you also have access to their group, calendar, posts and more. A warm welcome!
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