Create subgroups and setup your organization

Within your team or organization it is easy to create subgroups. Subgroups for example could be teams within your club or special groups for forwards, goal keepers, injured players, etc within your team.

We recommend doing the following from a computer through a web browser.

Please note that admin privileges are required to setup an organization. If you are staff and should have admin rights, please contact a club administrator.

  1. Navigate to Settings and press Organization

  2. Your organization is now shown and you are able to edit and create groups.

    Press the button Create new group to start.

  3. In the dialogue window, name your new group and press Create group

  4. Your organization view will now update with the new group.

  5. Navigate to the three dots on the right of the group name to continue editing your group.

  6. Done! Great job creating a new group.
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