How to customize team branding

Within 360Player you can easily customize your in-app experience by changing your team's logo and colors in the team settings.

We recommend doing the following from a computer through a web browser. 

  1. Login to 360Player using your credentials and then navigate to your team.

  2. Click on Settings in the left menu and then General.

  3. Scroll down to Appearance settings.

  4. Click on Change to change the team logo. Upload an image from the Change team badge button.

    Make sure to use an image of good quality with a transparent background. For example a .PNG file.

  5. Click on Open Color Picker to set the colors of your team. If you have color guidelines from your club you can manually input HEX or RGB codes to get the perfect color

  6. Click on save and your colors are changed. Sometimes a refresh in your browser is required for the changes to take effect.
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