Sharing club methodology

The 360Player training library is built to easily share session, drills and other methodology throughout the club. This article will show you how to setup your club library so that every coach in the organization can gain easy access to all that you want to share. 

The library structure

The training library is divided into four parts where you will find different curated content.

  • On the All page content from third parties as well as recent content added in your organization will show up.
  • The My page contains drills and sessions that you have created, as well as personal collections that you organize for yourself.
  • The Team page contains content from admins within the active team (the one that is active in the Team Picker on the top left).
  • Finally, the Club page, which contains content from groups above the active group in the organization structure. This is where we will add content to share methodology in the club.

Remember, when creating a club collection, all content will be shared downwards in the organizational structure. For example, if we add a collection from the top level group in the structure, all groups below it will have that collection in their Club-libraries.


Before sharing content, it is important that we understand the concept of Collections. Think about collections as a folder ion your computer. We add collections to a library (My, Team or Club) and then we can add exercises and sessions to it! You can read more on how to create a collection here. It's through collections in each different library that we can add content, and the collection automatically gets shared with the ones having access to it!

Creating a shared collection in the club library

To share a drill in the club library, we want to make sure to be in the correct level of the organization. In this example we are on the top level in 360Player Club. Let's say we want to share this Line Shooting-drill to the club library and all coaches in the organization. We open the menu on the drill and click Add to collection.

Now we make sure to click the Club section to create a collection in the right library. Here we could add the drill to an existing collection or create a new one. In the example, we create a new one by entering the collection name, clicking Create and then clicking Save.

The drill will directly be saved to that collection. We can find the drill and the collection within the Club library. Now every team in the club structure below this group will have access to both this drill and the collection.

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