Get to know 360Player (for parents)

When you have created your account you can discover the platform features available to you.


Discover the calendar

The calendar is a frequently used feature by parents to keep track of all of their child's events. You can access the 360Player calendar anytime at the dock at the bottom on mobile, or the left sidebar menu on desktop. You can also sync the calendar events in 360Player with other calendars you may use. For more information on how to use the calendar check out this article.


Communicate within the team

Within the 360Player platform parents have the ability to send messages to coaches and other parents in the group. To access your messages, press the chat button. In addition, you can view the team wall for any relevant information that the coach or players have posted for the whole team to see.


Discover the video library

By pressing the more button, and then videos, you can see videos from your child's team! Try viewing a video from the video library by pressing it.

Help center and support

These were just a few quick steps to get you familiar with the key parent features inside the 360Player platform. If you need more help, you can search our database of help articles here at or press the question mark button inside the app in the top right corner on desktop (press the more button on mobile first and then look towards the bottom).


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