Performance analysis through video and statistics

With the 360Player platform you can analyze your team's performance without worrying about video upload limits. Everyone in your team can easily create clips and highlights to take a deeper look at the moments that matter the most. You are also able to create match statistics and follow up on your team's performance over time, with smart statistics reports.

In this guide you will learn: 
  1. How to work with video
  2. Organizing and sharing within the video library
  3. Creating statistics and tracking performance

How to work with video

Video analytics is one of the best ways to gain insights into your team's performance. Learn how to add a video to 360Player, as well as break it down into clips:

Adding video to 360Player

At 360Player you have the possibility to bring in video from a number of other platforms, so you don't need to worry about upload limits. The sources we support are:

  • YouTube
  • Veo
  • Vimeo
  • Custom MP4 link (if a video is hosted on another server)

When you have recorded a match or practice, our found a video online that you want to work with, this is how you add it to 360Player.

Analyzing video

Then comes the fun part, analyzing the video. Every team member can analyze video (except from Parents). This makes the analysis process much easier. and it's a great opportunity for players to learn about their game. Create clips, add comments and tag each other and gain insights regarding your game. When someone gets tagged in a clip, the clip is automatically saved in that user's profile.


Organizing and sharing video in the video library

Similar to how the library worked in the Training library, there is also a library for video. Admins, Staff and Players have personal libraries where you can add videos and analyze for personal use. There is also a Team library within every group in 360Player, as well as a Club library for every organization. This article shows you how to easily share videos with your team and club using Collections. 


Creating statistics and tracking performance

Tracking your performance in games can provide great insights for you and your team. 360Player comes equipped with functionality to gather statistics on matches, this article explains how to add match statistics to a match event, so you can start tracking data like:

  • Results
  • Goals made
  • Goals conceded
  • Scoring league
  • Minutes played
  • Goal timeline
  • And more...
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